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Cardiac rehabilitation is a complex intervention that seeks to improve the functional capacity, wellbeing and health-related quality of life of patients with heart disease. A substantive evidence base supports cardiac rehabilitation as a clinically effective and cost-effective intervention for patients with acute coronary syndrome or heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and after coronary revascularization.

ARSHIA-TEB Co. is a leading manufacturer of innovative and affordable products for Cardiac Rehab, Health, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Active Aging. We are professional in equipping the health farms and set up the cardiac rehabilitation departments according to WHO requirements. We train the nurses and physicians in health farms all over the world to could support the better rehabilitation protocols for patients with different ejection fractions.

Exercise is conducted in approximately one hour and includes:

A warm up period

Exercise on a treadmill and/or stationary bike, rowing machine or arm ergometer

Monitoring of the patient’s heart rate and rhythm

A cool down period

The cardiac Rehabilitation software consist of: protocol design pages and display pages. with respect to the patients’ vital sighs programmed pages. In this page, it's possible to write the programs regarding the speed / slops / and the Loads for the bicycle, treadmill, arm ergometer, Elliptical Trainer according to the users preferred protocol which will be adjustable for the specific time. Display Pages: in the aforesaid pages rewarding the patients’ vital signs includes ECG signal, Blood Pressure, spo2 Heart Rate which will be displayed. The patients that cardiac rehabilitation necessitates for them: According to the researches Carried out by the " US cardiology society " council the below mentioned Patients should use the cardiac rehabilitation systems:

CABG (the patients that have had the Heart surgery)

PTCA (the patients that have had the angioplasty)

CHF (congestive Heart Failure)

stable Angina (the patients) that have chest pain

Acute MI

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Set up the cardiac rehabilitation ward

Training the nurse and operator's

Equip the cardiac rehabilitation department

by hardware: treadmills,ergometers,arm ergometers,boat simulator and related software:cardiac rehabilitation software stress test software and ECG analyzing software


The essential role of nutrition in disease prevention

Nutrition has a central role in both primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease yet only relatively recently has food been regarded as a treatment, rather than as an adjunct to established medical and pharmacotherapy. Besides the setup of systems in a health farm or cardiac department and train the rehabilitation team in an active health farm, we support them with different guide lines, articles and daily plan for patient: nutrition, diabetics ,smokers and hypertension.


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